If you are locating or relocating in the UK, Cardiff is your capital opportunity.

For a capital city, Cardiff is compact and manageable, with excellent Employment opportunities. Cardiff has experienced significant growth in Employment, and offers a range of large national and multi-national employers, based in and around the city-region.

As the capital of Wales, Cardiff also benefits from large employers such as the Assembly Government, Cardiff Council and NHS Wales. It also benefits from many UK headquarters as well as Welsh headquarters for organisations such as the BBC and charities such as Barnardos. Find out more about Employment here.

Getting around is quick and easy making the daily commute less of a chore, and you can access all the facilities expected of any modern capital without the stresses and strains of life in an over-populated concrete jungle. Find out more about transport in and around Cardiff here.

Cardiff is at the forefront of a number of industries including Bio Sciences, IT and Creative Industries. Find out more about each of these industries here.

Although Cardiff’s skyline is pierced by some of Europe’s most iconic buildings, life in the city is as much about the great outdoors, clean fresh air and healthy living. Find out more about living in Cardiff here.