Fisker Karma


Car Story – This true beauty is the Fisker Karma. It’s an extraordinary care which was designed with precision. The cars are designed by Hendrik Fisker and the funny story about it is, the moment he went successful, especially with his brand and car he left the company.

From a young age the man was already interested in designing cars, he started out by working locally and soon grew to work for the larger brands. But still also at an older age he had the pleasure to design small cars. This in fact helped him a lot when it was time for the big boys. That moment was when he could really go all in and show what he got.

There was no excuse in it, he had the dream of designing sport cars, as that was also what he graduated on. After graduation he had the chance but settled for smaller cars, which in the end was the right decision.

The fisker karma is a story of it’s own and knew a hype around 2010. It was a big deal. At the moment the are working internally on a new design and we are very interested in how they will keep up with all the technology of self driving cars. Also how the public will respond to it.

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