First car


Life Story – My first car came driving to me, driven by my brother, and it was a beautiful Chevrolet Impala. It was the summer before I would be going abroad and this gift was a reminder that I had something really important waiting back home, it was joke of my father. It was also his way of telling you will be a grown up soon and need to take responsibility and the first thing that came to mind was car insurance. Just like now, I have an international health insurance it’s important to stay on top of these things. Get your car street ready, the same as your life.

This Impala drove like a beauty, it was completely redone as it was a second hand. My father always believed that buying new things is buying the kiddy deceases with it as well. A very strange idea when thinking back on it.

Unfortunately I sold not long after coming back home as I was a trendy person and wanted to go with the time. Thinking back, stay with what you believe and think cool, much rather than what others believe.

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